• Attila Vágó

    Attila Vágó

    Pragmatic software engineer, editor, writer and occasional music critic. Lego fan, Mac user. Accessibility advocate. Life enthusiast. | 3x Top Writer

  • Leonard Bernstein

    Leonard Bernstein

    Security & Connectivity @AWS. 20 year Corp & Enterprise IT casualty. Family, technology, craps, cigars, spirits and MMA! Writings are my own.

  • Grace Greene

    Grace Greene

    East Coast native, West Coast transplant. Recent college grad writing about her identity. I cannot be defined. My thoughts exactly:

  • Santosh Panigrahy

    Santosh Panigrahy

    Love to learn, share and grow in technologies to serve the world better :)

  • Deazu Tywaon

    Deazu Tywaon

    PVA Google Voice Number Account Reseller (https://gvoiceus.com/)

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